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Аккорды pink floidbeats, что нам ветер песню

Подбор песни: Антон Гавзов (https://Muzland.ru). Lyrics and Music by Alecia Beth Moore, Jeffrey Bhasker, Nate Ruess. Intro: Sep 19, 2012 Intro / Em A D G C G D / Verse 1 / G Right from the start C Em You were a thief you stole my heart C G And I your willing victim G C Em I let. C You took my hand, you showed me how Dm You promised me you'd be around Am G Uh huh, that's right C I took your words and I believed Sep 13, 2012 Try by Pink Album: The Truth About Love / Standard Tuning Capo on the 2nd fret / (Chords) / Am: x02210 F: 133211 or x33211 C: x32010.

Nov 7, 2008 Song: I Don't Believe You (Acoustic Version) Artist: Pink Album: Funhouse (2008) This version of the song is transcripted from Pink's live.

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