Центр профессиональной ориентации Приморского края

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Mar 30, 2012 The effects of inter-letter spacing in visual-word recognition: Evidence with young normal readers and developmental dyslexics. Manuel Perea. E-Hitz: A word frequency list and a program for deriving psycholinguistic statistics in an agglutinative language (Basque). MAnuEl PErEA. Universitat. Key words: Reading, orthography, visual word recognition, orthographic advantage reported by Perea and Rosa (2002) in reading Spanish words, given. Oct 17, 2012 Citation: Perea M, Gomez P (2012) Subtle Increases in Interletter Spacing Facilitate the Encoding of Words during Normal Reading. Download: PPT Perea and Gomez found a linear decrement of word identification times.

Manuel PereaEmail author; Miriam Urkia; Colin J. Davis; Ainhoa Agirre; Edurne Laseka; Manuel Carreiras including measures of word frequency (at the whole- word and lemma levels), bigram and Download to read the full article. Target words in Dutch/English bilinguals, while an increase in target language neighbors consistently reiras, Perea, Grainger et al.

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